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For many years Sir Norman toured the country, entertaining literally millions and millions of fans, all of whom gave him a standing ovation wherever and whenever he appeared. With his trusty sidekick and straight-man Tony Fayne, Sir Norman was unique in his abilty to portray his comedy to all age it toddlers, teenagers, families or grandparents. Everyone loved his comical antics, everyone admired his outstanding talent, and his fellow cast members, supporting artistes and musicians alike... simply adored working with him.

The entourage travelled around the UK in a forty seater luxury coach...driven by 'George'...and in every town and city Sir Norman would make them stop every so often...just to look at car showrooms, or country cottages down back lanes. His fellow thespians were often in hysterics at his antics, but you can't help loving the little man....and this is why he always got his way. How could anyone turn him down? He's like one of the family.

His performances were always successful, theatre managers couldn't wait to book him back and after each theatre show he would spend at least two hours, signing autographs at the stage door for his trusted loyal fans. There are some entertainers who can't wait to 'rush off home' after the show, but not our Norman. As he would say, "They made me what I am today......I'm a lucky little devil."

Norman would also like to thank some of the artistes and musicians who have worked with him over the years. He can't remember everyone's name.....but here's a list of some of them (in no particular order) who have had the privilege of working on tour with this comedy genius.

Carol Lee Scott, Terry White, Hope & Keen, Terry Seabrooke, The Simmons Brothers, Jess Conrad, Gary Branch, Freddie Bence, Squire Ronnie Hayward, Daniel Dean, Glenn M.Ford, Leah Bell, Julia Burnett, The Bossi Twins, John Ditchfield, Frannie Haywood, Steve Barclay, Tony Fayne, Harry Bence, Ken Wood, Donna Mayers, Ken Joy, Nikita Scott, Bernard Bale, Ron Sheppard, Lol Williams, Bert Weedon, Lizzie Wiggins .....and many, many others, all of whom relish the fact they have got to know....and work with.... the UK's funniest living legend. There's only one....Sir Norman Wisdom!

Below are some of the tour posters, leaflets, brochures and pictures, all of which made for one of the most exciting times of this showbiz adventure.

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