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Latest: Sir Norman would like to thank all the many, many fans who have written to him, sent him Christmas, Birthday and Easter cards, and to say that whilst he reads them all, he will not be able to answer them personally...but they are truly appreciated. He also states that he is happy and settled.

News: Sir Norman's family have been for another visit to the island recently and Sir Norman seems to have settled in really well at Abbottswood and is happy and cheerful. He's been out for rides, visited The Norman Wisdom Bar at the Sefton Hotel, and his manager/agent telephoned him on Thursday 20th. for a long chat, and Sir Norman seemed very well and very happy. He's still being his 'naughty' trying to get a kiss from all the ladies in the home, and is still cracking a few gags and singing to them all.. Needless to say his short term memory suffers quite a bit at times, forgetting what he had for breakfast etc., but all in all, he seems to love being where he is, and we're sure that will go toward helping all the many fans who thought he might have suffered going into a home.
His friend Steve Savage came over for a flying visit from Spain recently to see Norman, and Steve was pleased at the way our lovable Knight Of The Realm looked and acted. They had a lot of fun together during Steve's visit and he'll be back to see him again in a few months time.

Sir Norman's long time Cleaner/Housekeeper took him for a car ride last week to meet up again with Rodney, Norman's long time Gardener (he was with him for over 20 years). Rodney and wife Pam made him very welcome at their home, and they all had afternoon tea together. Obviously Norman has lost none of his mischievous ways, which only goes to show he's settled into his new way of life and is happy being a naughty little boy. Nothing changes really!

We heard a report recently, which was also picked up by the Guardian, whereby LBC Radio presenter Steve Allen had read out a letter on air, from a listener (a fan of Sir Norman's) which was detrimental to Norman's family and his current treatment. On Monday 17th March 2008, Steve Allen again went on air (at 05.20hrs) with another announcement. We have a copy of that announcement, and it reads as follows:

On 21 November I read out extracts from a listener's letter regarding Sir Norman Wisdom and his state of health. Sir Norman's family have been in touch with me as they feel that the letter I read out was inaccurate in many respects and did not give a true picture of the great lengths his family have taken to provide the most appropriate care for Sir Norman.

The family have told me that the position is as follows. Sir Norman has late onset Alzheimer's, which appears to be progressing rapidly. His memory is failing to such an extent that he now no longer recognises some of his own family. Sir Norman's family asked Brinsworth House (a home run by the Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund for retired entertainers) if they would care for him but, due to his medical state, they said they were unable to look after him.

Sir Norman's family struggled for a number of months to look after him in his home on the Isle Of Man. However, it soon became apparent, as confirmed by his medical team, that he was best placed in specialist care.

Sir Norman's family have always respected his wish to remain on the Isle Of Man, where he has always said that he wishes to be buried. His family found a suitable nursing home where 24 hours a day nursing care, always specific to his needs, is available to him. Sir Norman is now cared for by a wonderful team who treat him with the care and dignity he deserves.

When Sir Norman was in good health he granted an Enduring Power of Attorney to his son and daughter so that they would be able to take decisions in his best interests should his mental state deteriorate in due course. His Attorneys registered the Power when Sir Norman's health failed, as Sir Norman always intended.

Sir Norman's house on the Isle Of Man is not being sold, neither are his possessions. His family have sought advice from the most senior judge in the Isle Of Man, His Honour Deemster Kerruish, regarding sale of any of Sir Norman's possession. Any decision on such matters will be taken in accordance with Sir Norman's best interests.

Sir Norman's family has not prevented contact from the Showbiz community. For example, Kevin Woodford, the celebrity chef, asked to visit him only recently and his request was granted.

Sir Norman's family have made it clear to me that they, like his countless fans, are determined to ensure his protection, care and happiness.

I apologies to Sir Norman's family for any suggestion that they had behaved in any way other than in Sir Norman's best interests.

As stated above, this was read out on air, on LBC radio by presenter Steve Allen at 5.20hrs 17th.March.

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